Quilts from Caring Hands
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What others are saying

“For me the quilts symbolize a deep respect for each woman and child who comes through our shelter. What a beautiful way to honor survival.”
Mary Zelinka, Shelter Coordinator for Center Against Rape and Domestic Violence (CARDV)

“I’m really glad that there are people out there that make quilts for kids. It is a wonderful thing if someone can't be there for you at night, your quilt will.”
Quilt recipient, Children’s Farm Home

“The quilts have made such an impact (on the staff) that they are not alone in caring. There is someone else out there who cares with them and in a sense, then, carries part of the load.”
Mary Reid, Marion Education Services District (receives quilts for visually impaired children)

“Something nice (and new) such as your quilts is a real boost to a teen parent’s self-esteem.”
Susan Hirsch, Parent Enhancement Program