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Below are a few examples of quilts we have donated over the years.


A combined effort

The bears were donated, pre-printed panels that one volunteer appliqued onto muslin. Another volunteer pieced the boat blocks. Then, several people tied the quilt, and others did the finishing work (binding and adding a label). Almost all of our quilts are a combined effort such as this.

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Our 2,000th quilt

At our September, 1999 giveaway, we donated our 2,000th quilt (the recipient was a child from The Children’s Farm Home). Many members contributed to the twin-size quilt made from a block-of-the-month patch, Friendship Star.

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Our 4,000th quilt

At our September, 2005 giveaway, we presented CARDV with the twin-size quilt made in an African theme.

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Our 7,000th quilt

QCH donated this quilt in December, 2011 to Mari's Place, a daycare center which is part of Community Outreach. This top was made by a long-time member and tied by the group.

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Our 8,000th quilt

In September, 2013 QCH donated our 8,000th quilt to the 509J Homeless program.

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Our 9,000th quilt

QCH donated this quilt in June, 2015 to the Linn, Benton, Lane Educational Service District. This is a tactile quilt which is used by special education personnel who work with children who are blind, partially sighted, or have perceptual problems. The fabrics used are "touchable" like satin, toweling, minkee, or fleece.

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Our 10,000th quilt

In March 2017 QCH donated our 10,000th quilt, a twin-size quilt, to the Center Against Rape and Domestic Violence (CARDV).

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Block build quilts

The combination of four patch blocks with larger floral blocks makes a colorful quilt.

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Scrap quilts

We often have donations of fabric which are odd sizes, so the scraps are cut into squares. Then, they are sewn into simple quilts, such as the scrap quilt pictured.

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Block of the month

This quilt was created from one of our “blocks of the month.” Each month, our piecing committee picks a pattern and cuts the necessary fabric. Members take home one or two packets with piecing instructions and the fabric. The blocks are all returned by the end of the month. This is one method that allows us to complete a quilt top much faster than if one person created it alone. Also, our members get to learn how to create a new block design.

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We love receiving donations of UFO’s (unfinished objects) because whatever work the donor has finished is work that we do not have to do. A lot of the UFO’s are blocks that haven't been put together into a top. The crib-size quilt to the left is a good example of how we get creative when we don’t receive enough blocks to make a complete traditional top.

More quilts...

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